Stewardship Asset Management

Stewardship investing is the philosophy of financial decision making that is motivated and informed by faith convictions. Our Stewardship Asset Management Service covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments and consists of the following five elements:

Personal Profile – Includes your individual investment needs and objectives, time horizon, preferences, and attitudes toward investing.

Asset Allocation Plan – Maximizes your investment returns relative to your desired degree of safety through careful and custom diversification.

Institutional Quality Implementation – Your asset allocation policy may be managed by institutional money management firms not normally accessible to individual investors, using a wide range of investment vehicles, ranging from individual stocks and bonds, to mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs), annuities and unit investment trusts.

We also provide access to firms that specialize in socially responsible investing, including services offered by Everence.  Key components of Everence’s stewardship investing philosophy include Shareholder Advocacy, Company Screening, and Community Development Investing.

Shareholder Advocacy – Shareholders are responsible for communicating their concerns with corporate management about financial and social issues.  Voting proxies and the filing of shareholder resolutions are two ways Everence helps you voice your concern.

Company Screening – Everence uses a set of core values to evaluate how a company performs in terms of its responsibilities to society.  The stewardship investing core values outline Everence’s expectations for ideal corporate behavior, and helps Everence make investment selections.

Community Development Investing – Through our Community Development Investing (Everence CDI), Everence seeks innovative ways to channel investment dollars to underserved and needy communities across the country and around the world.

Ongoing Assessment – Your investment portfolio is carefully monitored on a continual basis to help ensure it remains consistent with often changing needs and goals.

Periodic Rebalancing – We “manage the managers” to help ensure they stay within your objectives, rebalancing your portfolio on a regular basis, with quarterly reports.