Stewardship Planning

Stewardship Planning is the process of organizing, evaluating and utilizing your financial resources to define and achieve your life goals, based on God’s calling and purpose for your life. Click HERE for the seven components we offer as part of our Stewardship Planning service.

Stewardship Asset Management

Stewardship investing is the philosophy of financial decision making that is motivated and informed by faith convictions. Our Stewardship Asset Management Service covers the day-to-day oversight of your investments. Click HERE for the five elements of our Stewardship Asset Management process.

Insurance Services and Consultation

There are few things worse than working hard all your life to provide for your family and save for a comfortable retirement, only to have it all disappear due to a long-term illness, health catastrophe, or premature death. While no one can predict or avoid disasters, a little forethought and planning ahead now can help you anticipate and prepare for the unexpected. Click HERE for the four specific areas covered by our Insurance Consultation and Service.