Insurance Services and Consultation

There are few things worse than working hard all your life to provide for your family and save for a comfortable retirement, only to have it all disappear due to a long-term illness, health catastrophe, or premature death. While no one can predict or avoid disasters, a little forethought and planning ahead now can help you anticipate and prepare for the unexpected.  Our Insurance Consultation Services, offered exclusively to Financial Planning and/or Investment Clients, can help you assess and prepare for needs in the following areas:

Senior Health/Medicare Supplement – We help seniors and other Medicare-eligible persons understand their Medicare options and benefits.  We explain how the different parts of Medicare work (Medicare Parts A, B, C, and D) and the pros and cons of various private insurance options.  We assist in obtaining appropriate coverage to pay for the “gaps” not covered by Medicare alone. 

Long-Term Care – We help you preserve and protect your assets from the potentially catastrophic costs of long term health care by providing access to the best long term care carriers.  We help determine if you need this benefit and show you different alternatives that fit your budget.

Disability – While many people own life insurance, or carry homeowner’s insurance, most have no plan in place to protect their most valuable asset – their ability to earn a living.  We help you plan for replacement income in the event that your primary income is lost due to an extended illness or injury.  And for self-employed and small business owners, we can help you plan for smooth business continuity if you or a business partner become incapacitated and unable to participate in the business. 

Life Insurance – We help protect the financial well-being of your family in the event of premature death.  We help you determine how much coverage is appropriate for your needs as well as important considerations many people are not aware of (but consider vitally important), to make sure your concerns are adequately addressed.  We then design coverage options that best fit your specific needs, life stage, and premium budget.